Video Consultations

While the coronavirus pandemic continues and we are unable to practise normally, we will be usingVideo Consult video consultations in the practice as an option to replace face to face consultation. These consultations will be through a secure Irish based purpose built medical application, endorsed by the HSE.
This will be suitable for some but not all consultations and may be booked by telephoning the practice in the usual way.

How does it work?
Our receptionists will ask for some basic details to provide guidance as to whether a video consultation will be suitable. If suitable, an appointment will be made with the doctor.
You will be sent a link by either email or text.
Click on that link a couple of minutes before your appointment. It’s very easy to use!

How much does it cost?
The cost will be that of a normal face to face consultation

What do I need?
You can use most smartphones, tablets and computers as long as they have working cameras and microphones. You will need a stable internet connection – home or office WiFi usually works best.

What if I need a prescription, certificate or receipt?
Prescriptions can be emailed to a pharmacy of your choice.
Social Welfare certificates can be sent digitally
Certificates for employers or receipts can be emailed to you

Some of the things we treat
Skin problems
Simple upper respiratory (ear, nose or throat) infections
Urinary tract infections
Diarrhoea and upset stomach
Some back and joint pains
Some reviews of ongoing but stable medical conditions
Anxiety and other mental health issues
(This list is not exhaustive but also not all of the above will always be suitable for video)