World Family Doctor Day 2019

Today May 19th is World Family Doctor Day 2019.FDDLogo2015[1]

We are pleased to associate with our GP colleagues, both nationally and internationally, who continue to provide care to families and people of all ages – truly “from the cradle to the grave”
To mark the occasion, we’ve updated our pages on your GPs at Wheaton Hall. Click on the link below
The Doctors at Wheaton Hall!

We’re also proud to share stories from some of our colleagues in Irish General Practice, who tell us about the variety of life and work as an Irish GP
Dr Eamonn Shanahan, Kerry
Dr. Anna McHugh, Donegal
Dr. Edel McGinnity, Dublin
Dr Rukshan Goonawardena, Cavan

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Getting Ready for the summer

Isn’t it great to see the longer days and more sunshine (most of the time!).Sun01[1]
A great opportunity to get outside, get fit and get healthy.
There’s always a snag however, and that is the risk of sun damage to our skin.
Skin cancer is the most common cause of cancer in Ireland, but it’s treatable and particularly if spotted early. Here’s some really good advice
Reduce your risk – be Sun Smart!
What’s more if you’re worried about any skin lesions, Dr. McKenna and Dr. Kilrane run an excellent dermatology service for the practice. Enquire at the surgery

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Be Media Smart & “Dr Google”

2000px-WikiProject_Globalization_Logo.svg[1]We hear a lot about “fake news” in general, and to assist the public this week is European Media Literacy Week. There is an associated campaign “Be Media Smart” which aims to help us become aware of the reliability of information particularly on the internet.
An area of concern to doctors is health literacy. We very much try in general practice to make sense of information when discussing health with you. The internet is a very valuable source of health information but some websites are more reliable than others. An example of a  reliable source of information on many conditions is

We’re always happy to discuss issues arising from consulting Dr. Google. They’re not always good for your health!

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Meningitis Outbreak

There has been a lot of understandable concern about recent cases of Meningitis in Ireland, and we have been alertreceiving enquiries about vaccinations.
The most important vaccines that should be received are those that are part of the national imunisation programme. These are safe and effective and have been shown to significantly reduce the incidence of the diseases they protect against.
Accurate information about the current cases can be found from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre

They are not currently recommending any additional vaccines for children, but are asking that all children be immunised as per the national programme, and parents as always should be vigilant

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New Year, New Services

Picture1As part of our continuing development of special services, we have been working hard to offer a greater range of dermatology, minor surgery and joint injection services, led by Dr. Sylvia McKenna and Dr. Helen Kilrane.

If you would like to know more about these services please contact our reception

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Christmas 2018 and New Year

The doctors, nurse and staff at Wheaton Hall would like to wish all our patients and friends a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

We hope (for your sake) that you don’t need medical services over the holiday season, but these are the 4171173738_8829d7da63_oarrangements if you need help.

The surgery will close for routine service at 12.30 on Monday 24th December, but there will be an emergency service until 6p.m. on the same day.

The surgery will be open on Thursday and Friday (27th-28th December) but will also be closed on New Years Day, Tuesday 1st January

From 6p.m. on Monday 24th December to 8a.m. on Thursday 27th December, on New Years Day, and at weekends –
for urgent medical advice would you please contact NorthEast Doctor on Call at
1850 777 911
This is often a busy time of year so please be patient

Happy Christmas!

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Flu vaccinations 2018

Flu vaccine is now available in the practice.

While nowadays this seems a routine call, it’s worthwhile pointing out that this is the centenary of the Spanish Flu. Falling between the Easter Rising and the end of World War 1, it’s often a footnote in history, yet it killed over 20,000 in Ireland and over 50 million worldwide…
How Flu became a deadly plague

There are many reasons for thinking that this wouldn’t happen again, however we strongly recommend the flu vaccine for potentially vulnerable patients, especially older people, those with chronic diseases and pregnant women.
flu-vaccine[1]For more details

HSE Flu Vaccine Information

We feel that the safest and most appropriate place to receive your annual flu vaccine is from your GP or practice nurse


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Online prescriptions

15856883949_20117b0a70_b[1]Our sincere apologies to users of our online prescription request service for its prolonged absence, but we think we have it fixed!
Remember this is only available to patients of the practice,
it requires you to have a unique PIN from the practice,
and is only for authorised repeat prescriptions.

Please contact reception for further information

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Waiting Room Changes

Those of you who’ve been to the surgery recently will have noticed the changes we’ve made to the waiting room.

We hope that it’s brighter and more welcoming, and thank you for all of the favourable comments to date20180617_13130820180617_131304

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Data Protection

cyber-security-Our practice has always been fully compliant with Data Privacy regulations and we will be updating our policy to ensure compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

We will be following the guidelines produced by the Irish College of General Practitioners “Prodessing of Personal Data. A Guideline for General Practitioners”.

Full details of our policy are published on this website and can be read here

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