Covid 19

We have taken the step of adding a new page to our practice website to help us all through the current public health issues relating to the coronavirus infection. Please read this carefully to the end of the page.
We will update this on a regular basis as advice changes (latest update 24th July 2020)

Our aim throughout this will be to try to ensure the health and wellbeing of you (our patients), and of all those who work in the practice to deliver that care.
This may mean that there are some necessary temporary changes.
We hope that we can work with each other to look after each other.
Please scroll down this page for specific advice if you have personal concern about infection

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Practice Policy Changes


To reduce the risk of community infection, we aim to keep our waiting room as empty as possible

Booking Appointments

We are trying to reduce the risk of spreading any illnesses around by reducing the number of face to face appointments. We are instead offering telephone and video consultations where appropriate – see below.
However, if you need to be seen face to face, we can make arrangements to do so as safely as possible.
When you ring for a consultation or medical query, our receptionist will take your details and a doctor or nurse will ring you back.

We have instructed staff to ask ALL patients requesting appointments about respiratory symptoms. For the good of yourself, your family and community, please be co-operative with this, and do not attend if you may be a risk for others.

Attending Appointments

  • Please do not attend before your appointment time, and notify reception of your arrival.
  • Patients attending by car will be asked to wait in the car until the doctor is available to see them.
  • Wear a face mask please.

Alternative Consultations

We are using as an alternative for safety reasons, remote consultations by telephone and video consultation. A fee will apply for private patients.

Specific Covid-19 queries

  • Many questions can be answered using the reliable information links at the top of this page
  • If you are concerned that you may be suffering from Covid-19 or that you need testing, phone (but do not attend) the surgery. Please understand that our phone lines may have busy periods.
  • If you meet the current criteria for Covid-19 testing as outlined by Health Protection Surveillance Centre guidelines, we will submit an electronic referral to request Covid-19 testing to the National centre. You will be contacted directly to arrange this and given further information.
  • While you are awaiting for us to contact you, please, please, please self-isolate at home to help slow the spread of the virus.
  • If your symptoms worsen whilst you are awaiting testing, please telephone us so we can further evaluate your status.
  • Please do not come in to the practice if you are concerned that you have Covid, as you risk passing on infection to other patients and our staff.


Repeat prescription requests can be received via this website (now fixed)
Go to general info page – Ring the practice for a PIN number if not signed up
by email to
Tell us your name, date of birth and medications required.
NB please note that this is standard rather then secure email. The practice tries to handle all communication securely, however the integrity and security of this email cannot be guaranteed over the Internet. We recommend avoiding email for sensitive information.

We will send all prescriptions to pharmacies by secure email, thereby reducing the time you need to spend in either the practice or the pharmacy.
Please notify us of your preferred pharmacy for this service


The practice is now using electronic certification for social welfare certificates. You do not need to attend the practice but may require a telephone consultation.
We will also email private medical certificates where possible, and will cease the practice encouraged by some employers of issuing these weekly

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding. These changes will help reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus infection, while allowing us to deliver medical services to you!