Safe Consultations

Patient Safety Measures Message: 

Wheaton Hall Medical Practice continues to be open during the Covid 19 pandemic. We believe that it is vital that we continue to look after your health needs be they Covid or non- Covid related. And that we do so in as safe a way as possible,

While we are happy to provide telephone advice for Covid related queries, we continue to provide care for non-Covid related health problems, be that your long term illnesses, your new aches and pains or indeed any emotional or mental health issues

However we have made changes to how we do things to protect you and our staff.

In most cases, we will not in the first instance offer face to face appointments, but many consultations are possible by telephone or sometimes video link.

However in some cases it may be better to see you in person.
You will be given an appointment, and having checked in you will be asked to either wait in the car or outside until called, as our waiting room is closed.
You will be offered a mask, hand sanitiser gel or gloves. 
Distancing will be observed and contact will be of short duration. 

We are all managing risk.
The lowest risk of contracting coronavirus infection is by staying at home.
However there may be risks to your health by ignoring other medical problems.
We want to offer you appropriate help in the safest way possible.

Help us to help you!

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