Wheaton Hall Nurses

We have always been rightly proud of our nursing staff in Wheaton Hall, and the last couple of months have seen significant changes to our nursing team.2000px-Injury_icon_2.svg[1]
At the start of the year Sheila McKeown left us to move closer to home. Sheila has done many things for the practice including setting up and running our diabetic service. Sheila will be missed by all.
The practice was barely adjusting to that when we had to deal with the leaving of Joan Pentony. Joan has been with us since the practice opened, and among her many achievements was that she was a previous holder of Ireland’s Practice Nurse of the Year.
Everyone in the practice wishes Joan and Sheila a happy, healthy and successful future.
Replacing them isn’t easy and we thank Margaret Marrett who has helped us through this transitional period. This month sees the arrival of SinĂ©ad Mathews and Edel Kiernan to join Nicola in the nursing team. We welcome them to Wheaton Hall and hope that they will be happy working with Nicola as our new look nursing team

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