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  • repeat prescriptions,
  • appointments,
  • phone calls,
  • house calls,
  • test results
  • certificates and letters etc.
  • data protection policy

Repeat Prescriptions

Covid update – We are happy during the Covid crisis to try to avoid your visiting the surgery for prescriptions

If you do not use or have difficulty with our usual online system, please send an email stating

  • your name and either address or d.o.b
  • list of your medications
  • your usual preferred pharmacy

Email to

We will arrange for your prescription to be sent by secure email to your preferred pharmacy.
Please allow 2-3 days for this and help us by not ordering medications that are not required for several weeks

Requests for repeat prescriptions are normally for patients on long term treatments, and may be made using the forms provided at reception, online, by post or by calling into the surgery during normal working hours.
The fee for a repeat prescription for non-medical card holders is €15

We are pleased to offer a secure online ordering system which is intended for regular authorised repeat medications.
This service should not be used for occasionally required medications. If there are any queries about this, you should discuss with your doctor.

To order a repeat prescription online, you will need a unique 4-digit PIN code which will be generated for you when you register at the practice. It is not possible at present to edit this code, so you should remember it or record it somewhere safe.

Quick Guide to online repeats (it’s easy to use!)

Your prescription can be ordered through this link


(This had been unavailable but fixed 2nd April)

The website home page will ask for the following informationmedicine-

  1. Practice ID – G9000003
  2. Date of birth – the patient’s date of birth in dd/mm/yyyy format
  3. PIN number – your 4 digit PIN code

The next page gives you the option of ordering a prescription or logging out

The third page displays a list of your medications available to order online – If a medication is due for review, it will not appear on the list. Click on the red “X” beside each item that you wish to order, which now turns green. Select “Continue” when your order is complete.

You will then be asked to confirm the order and directed to the second page to logout.

If you are unable to order a repeat prescription online it may be because

  • The medication that you are ordering has not been authorised as a repeat medication
  • The medication is not due, or it needs to be reviewed

In which case, contact the practice

As stated above for the duration of the Covid pandemic your prescription will be sent to your pharmacy by secure email

Your prescription order will be delivered electronically to the practice. A prescription will be produced by the practice subject to its usual reviews, and should be available for collection within 48 hours at the surgery.
However please understand that delays occasionally occur because of the need to check prescriptions.
It is also important that an up to date contact phone number is kept on file in case we need to contact you

Requests for urgent prescriptions e.g when discharged from hospital, will be facilitated as quickly as possible.

Appointments (9.00-12.00 2.30-5.00)

We use an appointment system to make the best use of our time. When you make an appointment, tell the receptionist which doctor you wish to see and when. Some delays are inevitable in medical practice, but please rest assured that we are trying to minimize them and that we are very conscious of when they occur.

You can help us help yourselves in a few ways…

  • Please ring in advance for non-urgent appointments where possible.
  • For urgent problems, we will make every effort to see you on the day. However if there are no free appointments, you may have to wait to be seen
  • Please notify the receptionist at the time of booking the appointment if you are requesting a special service e.g. vaccination, maternity, travel clinic etc.
  • If you have a list of problems, consider writing them down, and let the doctor or nurse know at the start of the consultation. We may not get through them all in one day!
  • If your problem is urgent or you feel too ill to wait, please tell us as we will always give priority to such cases, and most especially to sick children.
  • If you cannot attend for your appointment, please let us know so that it may be offered to someone else. If you cannot get through to cancel an appointment, please text a message to 086 3885002. (this number cannot be used for making appointments or clinical advice)

Telephone Calls
If you ring to speak to your doctor, please remember that the doctor may be in a consultation with another patient. If the doctor is unavailable to take your call, our receptionist will arrange for you to be called back, when the doctor has time to do so. If your call is urgent, the doctor will try to talk to you as soon as possible.

The telephone is often busiest with requests for appointments between 9 and 10am, so if possible please ring later for other matters. For results please ring between 14:00 and 15:00 if possible.

House Calls
House calls can be arranged for house bound, invalided or patients too ill to attend the surgery. All other patients, including sick children, should attend the surgery where they can be examined, investigated and treated thoroughly.

How Do I Receive my Laboratory and Xray Results?
We would like to ensure that you receive your results in a timely and efficient way.

Most (but not all) results are received within one week by the practice. We try to contact patients as soon as possible for any significantly abnormal result (although please remember that receiving a call from us about a result isn’t always bad news).
It is important that you should ring one week after your test if you have not heard your result, unless some other follow up arrangement has been made. This is a safety net for us all.

The best time to get through for results is between 10 and 12 o’clock. When a blood test or xray result is received by the practice, it is reviewed by the doctor. A trained member of staff can inform you if your GP has marked your result normal or has left any other message.
Urgent results will be dealt with urgently,  however we also see lots of normal results and some with varying levels of minor abnormalities. These may not be addressed urgently (if not required) however will be discussed with you at your next contact

If you are concerned and have not received your result one week after your test, please ring the practice

Letters and Insurance Forms
Due to the large number of requests for letters and other forms and the administrative costs involved in presenting these, there is now a charge for the letters and forms – full details at reception.

Please allow a week for your letter or form to be prepared – if you need it urgently, please let us know at reception and we will try to facilitate you.

Antibiotic Policy
Most coughs, colds and sore throats go away by themselves and do not need antibiotics. We try to reserve antibiotic usage for infections which are bacterial in origin, and will therefore respond successfully to them. Your views on this matter will always be taken into account when deciding on a treatment plan.

Medical Card Holders
We are happy to see Medical Card Holders. If you are not a patient of the practice, you must have proof of GMS eligibility – usually your white plastic card.

Please note that your Medical Card does not cover the following:

  • Driving Licence Medicals
  • Completion of forms in support of claims, such as travel insurance
  • Travel vaccination services

EU Visitors
Visitors from the EU are entitled to emergency medical care without charge, but they must have a valid E111 form with them, at the time of the visit. Visitors from the UK do not need an E111 but must have proof of NHS eligibility. Otherwise normal fees are payable.

Training in General Practice
The doctors in Wheaton Hall are very pleased to be involved in training. We feel that it is helpful for tomorrow’s doctors to experience general practice here, and we hope that the training which takes place here will encourage the maintenance of high standards.

In this capacity, the practice will be welcoming doctors who are already extremely well qualified and who are completing their transition from hospital medicine to general practice. Each of these doctors will join us for 1 year as a fully fledged member of the practice team. We have been fortunate to have worked with excellent young doctors since 2003. Our current registrar is Dr. Mahvish Zeehan, whom we welcome to the practice team

Data Protection Policy

The practice takes its data protection obligations seriously.
Our policy is being updated to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
Click here for details